HighCommerce Offices – Hanoi

  • Client HighCommerce,
  • size 8,826 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • DPLUS Vietnam was tasked with the design and build of the HighCommerce offices to house 140 of their employees in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    HighCommerce is a creative digital agency, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. The main goal was to activate the space into one that energises creativity and attracts the top talents, a space that is vibrant, transparent and inspires a greater sense of collaboration as well as productivity.

    We successfully translated their culture and preferences for Hustle-Creative-Transparent into the design concept dominated by the mixture of modern & contemporary design styles. The name of the concept was Vietnamese Transparent Box embodying the characteristics of a modern and hustling Vietnamese army with no fear and crystal clear all the activities between the members.

    Spatially speaking, the office was largely divided into three main segments (the entrance, functional area and individual workspace) dip in the brand colour palette of HighCommerce (Orange, Red, White). These three segments were connected by the corridor, what we called the “backbone” of the office.

    Starting from the Hustle box from the entrance, Hustle spirit was reflected in the corridor moving experience. The shape of the corridor was twisted into a zigzag shape connecting the spaces. We drive the user’s direction from space to space with different feelings and this way from the moment one walks into space, it leaves an everlasting impression of a hustle brand into the minds of the visitor and its proud employee.

    The Entrance that includes the pantry was considered the creative areas that could help freshen up the mood and push the productivity of employees.

    Based on the coffee culture of HighCommerce, the pantry was designed as a multi-function small coffee shop including a football table, coffee machine, bookshelves, microwaves, etc. to serve the employees and meetings with clients and partners. Interestingly, following this, all the functional rooms were also named after a type of coffee such as Latte, Cold Brew, or Espresso.
    The most remarkable and unique elements were graphic details exploiting the traditional elements (Vietnamese cranes, dragons and clouds) designed based on Ly Dynasty’s patterns (1010-1225). The graphic designs were highlighted in several points in the space but mostly at the entrance and the functional one.

    In contrast, we kept the individual workspace open, clean and simple with the main colour of white and grey, no walls as well as private rooms to express the Transparency culture of the team. We used glass partitions with brand colour decals for all the meeting and training rooms to stay transparent but still private enough. Last but not least, the highlights of the space were the transparent tree boxes designed using the striped glasses, which created a blurry effect of the trees within them. Those boxes were also used to divide the departments instead of using signages, making the workspace more interesting.

    We set out to create a dynamic and interesting space that kept the company’s culture on everyone’s mind but not in their laps. Through intentional design, this workspace unites the HighCommerce crew and allows the company to continue innovating as thought leaders and culture changers.

    Design: DPLUS Vietnam
    Photography: Luu Quang Minh