NTT Offices – Bucharest

A living and sustainable office ecosystem for NTT that inspires and connects their employees, celebrates diversity, and creates moments that matter at the technology provider's location in Bucharest.

  • Client NTT,
  • size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Telecommunications,
  • Corporate Office Solutions designed a workplace at which employees of global technology provider, NTT, can thrive at their location in Bucharest, Romania.

    We believe that innovation comes from strong and creative communities. We joined our client NTT LTD GSSC EMEA SRL in his mission to shape a workplace where culture can thrive, by creating a living and sustainable ecosystem that inspires and connects the employees, celebrates diversity, and creates moments that matter.

    The workplace embodies an experience that empowers the individual and promotes local identity, while remaining consistent with the brand. Therefore, the individual became the core of our design, naturally shaping the space by bringing in the touch of urban lifestyle dynamic, local or international traveling, outdoor cultural events, and festivals.

    Street art, urban events, urban dynamics, and city textures became our main inspiration. The white brick cladding walls that also integrate the white lockers became a blank canvas for hand-painted graffiti art that sparks the atmosphere of well-known events like Music, Poetry, Film or Theater Festivals. The floor finishes, exposed ceiling, and concrete wall finish recall of the city life, the movement, the clutter, the narrow and busy streets, and architecture with all its textures and patterns, while still capturing the creative part. The dynamic of the city is expressed through the glass partition graphic completed by the organic graffiti brush strokes. The entire signage concept enhances the urban feeling by marking different stopovers on the daily office movement.

    The metallic structures used as space dividers or extension of some pieces of furniture become an outline of specific human-connected architectural elements that trigger a wide range of emotions and turn into suggestions. The urban touch is warmly balanced by biophilic elements that populate each cluster and strengthen the connection between human and natural environment, building a strong sense of well-being. Therefore, each working, focus or collaboration setup is completed by planters and flowerpots, wooden surfaces, fluid shapes and green walls, that reduce stress and maintain motivation at a high level.

    The space is designed to support and encourage an agile type of working by sustaining mobility, being subject to the employees’ choices and allowing them to work from a setting type that best suits their needs. The working layout includes spaces that foster collaboration, teamwork, quiet and undistracted activities, highly interactive brainstorming, socialization, and relaxation, by protecting introverts and reveling extroverts.

    The entire working space is divided into clusters. The clubhouse is the central area on each floor, acting as a main attractor of neighborhoods and being a link between different working areas. It is designed as a place that conducts either morning huddle gatherings or general team meetings held in an informal environment. Meeting rooms and quiet booths are serving to more formal or focused types of activities, while large community and cafeteria areas are designed to boost collaboration and impromptu interactions between employees.
    Building a complex employee experience that aims to support a rich, vibrant, and future-oriented company culture was the core of our concept. In this way, we shaped a workspace that encourages the people to pursue excellence while having fun.

    Design: Corporate Office Solutions
    Photography: Sabin Prodan