mkb private bank Offices – Moscow

  • Client mkb private bank,
  • size 3,767 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • MORS ARCHITECTS delivered a boundless sense of freedom in the office design of mkb private bank located in Moscow, Russia.

    A boundless sense of freedom is the main idea of the updated mkb private bank’s brand platform. The interior concept scales this global value into space, develops it in the surroundings, objects, and materials. The client’s visit to the bank’s branch continues his journey to new opportunities.

    The symbol of the bridge is underlying the mkb private bank logo, gives confidence and peace of mind, and also takes shape in the reception counters. At the entrance it is a metaphor of a bridge connecting two banks – a client and a business, and on the top floor the bridge seems to float in the air, giving a sense of freedom and lightness. All rooms: lobbies, meeting rooms, and offices are united by the main theme of the brand – nature and controlled elements. Wave distortions, bends, iridescent rack partitions fill the static space with movement – financial flows, events, life itself.

    Lighting always remains eye-friendly: the unique downlight concept makes the light source barely perceptible, and in meeting rooms customers can control the light atmosphere via the app.

    All materials in the interior are natural, with a pleasant tactility. This is one among many elements of absolute comfort that fills every meter. Meeting rooms are consciously solved in an informal style. Nature here shrinks back before numerals and plans, but lives on in accents — textures, separate objects, paintings.

    The architecture and style of mkb private bank is about the rare art of being free in the world of big money.

    Photography: Dmitry Chebanenko