Techniek Nederland Offices – Woerden

  • Client Techniek Nederland,
  • size 18,299 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Woerden, Netherlands,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • DZAP created a new home for entrepreneurial union Techniek Nederland, “The House of Technology”, located in Woerden, the Netherlands.

    In the Intechnium in Woerden, Techniek Nederland literally takes up a central position. Here we have, together with Techniek Nederland, realized a clubhouse including activity related workplaces.

    Intechnium had to be completely renovated. As we were involved in the relocation plans at a very early stage, we were able to direct the renovation. For example, a separate entrance on the garden side was realized specially for Techniek Nederland. Because of this addition, the garden is now part of the clubhouse.

    The purpose of The House of Technology is to give everyone from the technique branch a warm welcome and the opportunity to come together, work together and share knowledge. We have set up a square in the center of the building for this purpose. The workplaces are located in the two wings of the building along the outer ring, where the most daylight comes in.

    Warm, welcome and a wink to technology are key elements in the interior design. Other important spearheads within the design are circularity and sustainability. Sheet material is made from renewable wood. The walls are made from steel with a magnetic function, so that various functionalities can be added without damaging the walls. Furniture is made in the Netherlands, so that transport is limited. These are just a few examples of the sustainable choices that have been made.

    With The House of Technology, Techniek Nederland is more visible to its members in an office where both members and employees can feel at home.

    Design: DZAP
    Photography: Denise Zwijnen