Raiffeisen Offices – Aarberg

  • Client Raiffeisen Bank,
  • size 2,153 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Aarberg, Switzerland,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Gehri designed the Raiffeisen offices using the surroundings and history of Aarberg, Switzerland.

    The extraordinary ambience is perceptible as soon as you enter the reoriented consultant bank. Visitors are welcomed in a warm and friendly atmosphere: The wooden structures designed in the style of the old wooden bridge with indirect lighting create a light feeling of space and give the customer zone the characteristics of a marketplace.

    The south facade on the ground floor is opened up, clears the view of the interior and welcomes customers – the new banking world and its dynamics can be seen and felt at a glance: Stylised lighting elements span the entire entrance area as an analogy to the old wooden bridge. Mobile standing desks are placed freely in the room reminding of market stalls on the market square. Customers are welcomed on an equal footing and advised in a relaxed environment.

    The branch is now run as an advisory bank in open spaces – without cash at the counter, but with a 24-hour zone where customers withdraw cash independently from deposit and withdrawal devices. During the day, the 24-hour zone is part of the customer zone – at night it is closed off with a mobile glass wall.

    In the rear areas, customers encounter a bar with a digital advisory touchscreen and a living room-like space for events. The inviting consulting rooms offer a place to retreat. The employees find ergonomic and attractive workplaces in the new office in the middle of the new spatial experience.

    The materials are carefully selected with great emphasis on authenticity and sustainability: The floor in blue-grey jurassic limestone, the walls in natural pigment colours, the furniture and wall panelling in lively oak and the metal components in a warm contrast of pearl orange. In addition to the harmonious lighting and materialisation concept, optimised ergonomics and acoustics were taken into account. The entire building services including ventilation, air conditioning and electrical installations were renewed and integrated into the concept.

    Expectations were high, both internally and externally – in fact, this is the first property that we realised on our doorstep in the Seeland. We supported the Raiffeisenbank from start to finish and developed a space, lighting and furnishing concept that thrives on different zones and contrasting materials. Especially worth mentioning is the discovery of the old natural stone wall and the oversized stretch ceiling. The pleasant light from the indirect lighting and the sound-absorbing properties create an optimal feeling of space.

    Design: Gehri
    Design Team: Christian Gehri, Sara Schwarz, Dominic Eggimann, Darja Studer
    Construction Management: Hänzi Bauleitungen
    Photography: courtesy of Gehri