Chia Tai Tianqing (CTTQ) Offices – Nanjing

  • Client Chia Tai Tianqing,
  • size 265,869 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Nanjing, China,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • iDA Workplace used simplicity and abstraction to deliver a one-a-kind design for the offices of Chia Tai Tianqing (CTTQ) located in Nanjing, China.

    As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China, integrating scientific research, production and sales, CTTQ has taken a major step towards internationalization.

    The entire design of the building focused on simplicity and abstraction. The angular glass exterior reflects many shades and layers of gray. iDA’s challenge was to incorporate these rich gray tones into the interior design of the building.

    In order to match the bold exterior design, we included diamond-like cut surfaces throughout every corner of the interior space. From the reflective shine of the black marble reception desk to the beige marble walls, the interior and exterior are unified in their designs.

    Inside the building, we worked to represent CTTQ’s logo in real life. Their corporate logo references the hemispherical dome cosmology of ancient times. Throughout the interior heavy pillars hold up the sky above. Glass and open spaces bring in light from outside and link the design between the earth and the sky.

    Traditional Chinese elements are integrated into the entrance of the staff hall. Interior windows allow employees a peek at the outside scenery even when they’re deep within the building. It has the style of a water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

    Leaving the entrance hall, a diamond shaped skylight creates a striking visual impact. The light reflects and creates a beautiful, layered atmosphere.

    After passing through the corridor, we come to a massive empty space. Spherical light fixtures hang from the roof and offer balance and calm as employees move towards the conference center.

    The conference center inside is another scene. The combination of bold red and gray emphasize the cutting edge nature of the enterprise.

    While the lecture hall seems to be an enclosed space, a partition opens to reveal a magnificent view of the lake.

    We use carpets and rubber floors to reduce noise, consequently increase the comfort of employees, and think of the human perspective, which is the design policy we have always implemented.

    At night, the sparkling water of the lake reflects the sign of Chia Tai Tianqing, like a luminous diamond, which can point towards the company’s future direction, even in the dark.

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images