AFK Sistema Coworking Offices – Moscow

  • Client AFK Sistema,
  • size 10,549 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • MAD Architects was engaged by AFK Sistema to designed their first coworking office located within a residential area in Moscow, Russia.

    In 2020, GC AFK Sistema began to create of the first Co-working network on the basis of 20 former automatic telephone exchanges buildings located in residential areas of the Moscow. The goal of the project is to compensate the lack of modern and high-quality office formats outside the city’s business center. MAD Architects bureau developed the first architectural, planning ideas and interior design project for the Brand, which will form the basis of the entire network.

    Buildings of automatic telephone exchanges are unique historical buildings. For many years, these buildings connected subscribers in the city and now they connects people and business and brings new meanings into urban ecosystem.

    The large scale of the Territory network allows realizing of the “work close to home” credo, which reduces time costs and reduce the risks associated with the pandemic

    The office has implemented the “activity based workspace” system, which means proper zoning of recreation areas and work areas. The concept of the project divides the space on two main zones: “quiet” work zone with low visitor’s traffic, and “loud” zone at the entrance with reception, conference halls, meeting rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and showers.

    The system of Co-working is built on a way that allows you to quickly change the configuration of the area, depending on the customer’s needs. Within four days, the layout of any part of the space can be changed without disturbing the work processes of other users. At the same time, there is no need to carry out construction work or upgrade engineering systems. For this purpose, the system of modular and quick-transformable furniture was selected. Portable planning solutions solve the task of efficient use of space through regular updating.

    The main feature of the project is the correct geometry of the space. The rectangular room divided into 2 parts – working places along the light front and meeting lounge areas with an amphitheater in the center. In total, the co-working has 200 working places, a conference room, 8 meeting rooms, an equipped kitchen and recreation areas.

    The concept also had the task of developing a single design code for all objects of the new network. Taking into account their different functional purpose, common unifying elements are needed. They become a four-pointed star and a same color scheme of sub-brands.

    The basis of the design of the Co-working is a combination of warm and cold shades together. Purple, coral, green for a creative atmosphere and relaxation. Yellow, turquoise, indigo for the efficient workflow.

    Design: MAD Architects
    Photography: I. Ivanov