Jinmao Green Building Technology Office Cafe Space – Beijing

  • Client Jinmao,
  • size 5,920 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Fugao Chen designed a welcoming space for Jinmao Green Building Technology’s office cafe space to expand the offerings for their employees in Beijing, China.

    This is the second canteen of a scientific research company, usually used as a coffee shop and a collaboration area for informal meetings, and serving as a simple dining area during dinning time. The entire design of the space is dominated by gray tones, using materials close to nature, such as ground and wall textures, and warm wood grain, decorated with brightly colored furniture, some metal elements, plants, and soft lighting. The company’s LOGO is displayed by Lego. The combination of these elements makes the whole space more relaxed and comfortable. In addition to be used as a coffee shop, canteen, talking area, it also can be used as an area for employees to gather and carry out activities. It is equipped with a network conference system and a lot of modular furniture. Employees can flexibly move the location of the furniture according to their needs to change the use of functions, so as to create a new space and maximize the cost savings of space for the company.

    Design: Fugao Chen
    Contractor: Gold Jianye Construction Group
    Photography: Jianwei Zhizhu Space Photography Studio