Bosch SAST Offices – Munich

  • Client Bosch,
  • size 17,782 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Munich, Germany,
  • Industry Technology,
  • CSMM – architecture matters designed a multi-year interim office space for the new dynamic start-up Bosch SAST in Munich, Germany.

    The project treated the office of the previous tenants as an archaeological site and transformed the space into a work of interior design art based on the objet trouvé principle. By breaking down the traditional cellular office layout, we created an open, communicative space ideal for agile working. Multipurpose communal spaces are combined with quiet zones for deep-concentration tasks in this cutting-edge workplace. Inspired by the work of American architect and conceptual artist Gordon Matta-Clark, the team opted for clever cut-outs instead of completely demolishing existing walls to open up the space. This produces shared spaces and surprising lines of sight that are further enhanced by bold stripes defining the different zones in SAST’s signature orange hue. The design takes a playful approach in adding functional elements, simple furnishings and innovative feature areas to enhance the basic spatial layout.

    Design: CSMM – architecture matters
    Photography: Gleb Polovnykov