Lenovo Offices – Taipei

Natural light, simple lines and environmental friendly finishes were used to expose the inherent gentleness of Lenovo, a different type of design for the high-tech company's Taipei office.

  • Client Lenovo,
  • size 6,865 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Industry Technology,
  • iDA Workplace was tasked with creating a space for Lenovo to show the multi-faceted ethos of the technology company in Taipei, Taiwan.

    We all know how cool high-tech Lenovo is. But you know what? This time, through our design for Lenovo Taipei Office, we are going to show you the hidden side of Lenovo – the inherent gentleness.

    In this comfortable shared space, we apply the simple lines and black frames to the front desk area, L-shaped chandeliers throughout the space, and environmental-friendly woven floor tiles cut into the shape of “V” in Lenovo to reproduce Lenovo’s classic elements, where people can appreciate the brand language at a glance. There is a LEED certified environmental-friendly carpet, a Danish imported chandelier made of eco sound-absorbing materials, and a shared area where you can enjoy natural sunlight by the floor-to-ceiling windows. All these details illustrate the company’s high-quality requirements. Moreover, the conference room is composed of consecutive compartments. For one thing, it can improve flexibility depending on the number of participants. For another thing, it can also be combined with the shared workspace into a large venue for business and marketing activities. The various functions actually reflect the brand’s emphasis on efficiency.

    The photo wall seems to be filled with childlike building blocks. In fact, it takes the theme of the company’s main shaft “Smarter technology for all”, representing intelligence and transformation. These completely different elements shape “Gap Moe” for Lenovo.

    Design: iDA Workplace
    Photography: Highlite Images