Infomedia Offices – Moorabbin

  • Client Infomedia,
  • size 9,688 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Industry Transportation,
  • Made For completed the Infomedia offices to capture the automotive software company’s balance of playfulness and professionalism in Melbourne, Australia.

    Infomedia is a global leader in the automotive industry for parts and services software. To suit, the client wanted a work environment that engendered an atmosphere of productivity and ingenuity.

    Made For designed an office space that strikes a balance between playful and professional, both literally and metaphorically capturing the essence of a race track and all of its associations of speed, power and dynamism. Built out of an old Moorabbin manufacturing plant, the new space pays homage to its automotive roots.

    Speed lines from steel pipe wrap around the ceiling as a navigation device encircling the main workstation area. Tiered seating in the breakout room captures the spirit of stadium bleachers. Steel mesh caging encapsulating the main workstation mimics a racetrack catch fence. The floor is made from recycled car tyres and the office is fitted with an eight-metre-long Scalextrics model of Albert Park. There is also a ‘pit lane’ set up to look like service garages and intended for short duration meeting spaces.

    Design: Made For
    Photography: SpaceCraft