Nu Skin Offices – Singapore

  • Client Nu Skin,
  • size 5,590 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Conexus Studio completed the Nu Skin offices with a focus on people for balanced productivity and collaboration in Singapore.

    Always one to set the trends, global beauty and wellness product leader and business opportunity platform provider Nu Skin looked to reinvent its workplace with a hybrid work model when taking up a new space for the Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore. The interior design and fit out project is Nu Skin’s second collaboration with Conexus Studio, with the Singapore Experience Centre completed last year having won two international design awards.

    Working with the regional leaders’ vision for the company’s progressive, collaborative and vibrant workplace, Conexus Studio designed the office space to create an inclusive experience that intrinsically supports flexibility for its hybrid workforce.

    A lifestyle café, hospitality-inspired lounge settings, private pods and phone booths as well as height-adjustable desks to configure sitting or standing workstations as desired are some of the activity-focused working options that encourage movement and interaction as employees change their seats as required throughout the day.

    The hybrid ideas hub is an optimised business space that balances collaboration and productivity. Layout eschews traditional space planning principles and strengthens connections through openness, seamlessly integrating collaboration areas in the open environment. This creates a fluid circulation flow in the office layout, encouraging engagement between employees of all levels.

    To ensure a balance of vibrancy and privacy in the open layout, a progressive zoning approach was adopted, with social and focus work areas delineated with very different materiality. At the opposite end from the vibrant Nu Skin Cafe sits a calmer and predominantly white space, offering a distraction-free setting for focused productivity.

    Designed for a post-pandemic era of work where the office caters to both in-office and remote work, the design integrates touchless digital solutions in flexible environments that enable Nu Skin Southeast Asia to stay agile and future-ready.

    Beyond the technology-enabled infrastructure, the hybrid workplace highlights a company culture that puts people first. It celebrates Nu Skin’s dedication to wellness by providing plenty of natural light and views, while the co-working style shared work space breaks down hierarchy and makes it easy for both office workers and remote teams to get together to collaborate and ideate. The lifestyle-inspired spaces promote work-life balance and meaningful connections, so employees can thrive with the freedom to create and execute ideas in the most optimal, collaborative environment.

    Design: Conexus Studio
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff