Dentons Offices – Changsha

  • Client Dentons,
  • size 16,146 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Changsha, China,
  • Industry Law Firm / Legal Services,
  • Ujing Interiors Design delivered a sophisticated design to give the Dentons office a productive and engaging work space in Changsha, China.

    Dentons Changsha branch has its new office on the 58th floor of Changsha Shimao World Financial Center. The new office overlooks the whole city of Changsha and provides panoramic views of the city.  What’s more, standing in the office, you can watch the two quiet rivers “Xiangjiang River” and “Liuyang River” flowing slowly from your side to the distance, which is extremely pleasant.

    “From the site conditions and customer demands, to find the most reasonable and unexpected answer.” This is always the design principle of Ujing. In this case, this principle has been fully displayed.

    First of all, let’s look at the site conditions. The 58th floor brings an excellent view and beautiful visual enjoyment. In terms of design, we imagine how wonderful it would be if we can make some connections with the remote river and the space inside the office! With this thinking, the theme of this design is “water waves”. When you get out of the elevator, the water ripple logo wall on the upper and lower floors appears in front of you. Waves of different sizes push each other with small changes in a unified rhythm. This form of visual consciousness skillfully extends till the front desk; Then come to the left side of the hall – the tea area. The designer makes it open and full of changes with the application of wave shaped folding board in the ceiling, and helps to solve the irregular folding curtain wall of the outer building at the same time in the form.

    Then, from customer needs. Our customer hopes that the new office can break the traditional law firm’s steadiness and rigidity, and reflect more youth and vitality; And the customer wants the space to be colorful, which is because the climate of Changsha is rainy. The gloomy raining days always make people feel depressed. With the consideration of these two aspects above, a large number of colorful materials are used in the design. We apply it to the color matching carpet in the front hall, the color card seats in the tea area, and the matching of movable furniture. In addition, the treatment of light blue ceiling in the office area contribute to create a lively and energetic office atmosphere.

    In the design solution, we finally produce a relaxed and lively office environment. Dentons Changsha branch displays an international fashionable working space with regional recognition.

    Design: Ujing Interiors Design
    Design Team: Ye Shanhe, Wang Wan, Zhang Lu
    Photography: Lu Luxi