Parimatch Tech Offices – Kyiv

Modern technologies, fashionable architectural trends and nature in design give the Parimatch Tech offices a fresh feel with the functionality of a coworking space in Kyiv.

  • Client Parimatch Tech,
  • size 9,257 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine,
  • Industry Entertainment, Gaming, Technology,
  • ZIKZAK architects used a dark and warm color palette to create a sophisticated and uncluttered office for Parimatch Tech located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    Parimatch Tech Is an international product company that develops technology and marketing solutions in the games and entertainment industry for the brand Parimatch – opened a new office space in Kyiv, which functions as a coworking space.

    Design, space design and project implementation were entrusted to the design studio ZIKZAK, whose experienced and creative specialists brilliantly brought 860 square meters into reality.

    Company specialists ZIKZAK managed to combine modern technologies, fashionable architectural trends and nature in design. This approach made it possible to create a truly versatile space that can be used for both work and leisure.

    The deep work area with sound-absorbing panels allows for active discussions without interfering with the work or play of other employees and guests. Also, visitors and employees of the space can safely hold negotiations or a ZOOM conference in a small phone booth.

    The location itself is divided into several zones:

    • reception area
    • area of work of assistants
    • Lounge zone with collaboration area
    • multifunctional cabinet for confidential meetings and meetings with VIP partners
    • meeting room-transformer
    • deep work area
    • food zone
    • terrace overlooking the Dnieper and the left bank of Kyiv

    A cozy terrace with tables and soft sofas is perfect for relaxing after productive work and holding corporate events.

    The space is located in the heart of the capital, in the Summit business center, which overlooks the Dnieper. It was the location of the building that inspired the Parimatch brand and ZIKZAK specialists to create a new space.

    Design: ZIKZAK architects
    Design Team: Karnaukhova Alesya, Tivanenko Maria, Tsimbal Lilia, Ksenya Mikhailenko, Anastasia Trofimenko, Yuri Karakozov, Oksana Petrovskaya, Igor Yashin, Oksana Gorbach
    Photography: Andrey Avdeenko