Newsday Offices – Melville

  • Client Newsday,
  • Year 2021
  • Location Melville, New York, United States,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • TPG Architecture designed the Newsday offices to honor the aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood in Melville, New York.

    For Newsday’s new Melville home, New York City-based architecture and design firm TPG Architecture was tasked with full design, strategy, and change management services that accommodate Newsday’s employees. Throughout the design process, TPG needed to preserve Newsday’s strong legacy as it moves forward into the future. Newsday reenergized itself as an award-winning multimedia company through the conception of a safe and welcoming space that is dynamic, reflective of its brand, and serves as a source of inspiration for both visitors and staff. This headquarters relocation allows Newsday to consolidate and bring their staff together. Additionally, employee care was paramount— Newsday wanted their team to feel that they were moving into a comfortable work environment that suits their needs today and in the future. The design has a strong technology-infused, modern feel that gives the workplace a fresh and forward-thinking atmosphere.

    Branding and graphics played an essential role in Newsday’s design. Throughout the process, it was important that the new office reflected the Long Island aesthetic and drew inspiration from the local community. The team designed a large-scale art installation that features published Newsday photos printed on metal panels outside the main entrance. In the newsroom, there is a flash cam area for quick camera pans to reporters during live broadcasts and streams—positioned right in the middle of the news hub, allowing staff members to feel like they are a part of the action. The work area is open, surrounded by large-scale TV screens to monitor the latest news developments and work. They also now have photo and video editing studios that can increase their digital and social media presence. Additionally, the interactive multimedia space at Newsday’s new Melville headquarters is geared towards celebrating local community events. As part of Newsday Productions, this multimedia space will now be available to external clients which can accommodate 186 people.

    Design: TPG Architecture
    Photography: Tom Sibley