berry Offices – Zurich

  • Client berry,
  • size 4,144 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Zurich, Switzerland,
  • Industry Design,
  • berry completed their fun, colorful, and dynamic showroom and office space in Zurich, Switzerland.

    An office concept that offers flexible workplaces, promotes team spirit and inspires at the same time – the new berry showroom creates a spatial and cultural environment that employees like to surround themselves with and which offers optimal working conditions. How else do you get your team colleagues to enjoy coming to the office despite the home office option?

    One of the great insights of the last few months is that the main motivation for going to the office lies in the exchange with colleagues. Based on the experience of the last few months and the changing needs of the company, its employees and its customers, berry has rethought its office space. The result is an inspiring and modern working environment, which makes the work consciously visible and thus not only promotes the exchange and creativity of the employees, but also offers a valuable insight into the range of services and the corporate culture of berry. In the colorful and versatile showroom in Zurich, visitors are offered plenty of inspiration and a wide variety of products with exclusive new products.

    A creative working environment opens up to visitors as soon as they enter the new office. Thanks to completely flexible furnishings, the open workshop space can be redesigned within a short time and adapted to the current needs of the users. All office furniture can be rolled, carried and moved. Here, in the heart of the new showroom, workshops with up to 20 people can be held comfortably and effectively. Separable with a 7-layer theater curtain, the Ideation Space is perfect for creative romping and spinning ideas – without disturbing other visitors or employees.

    However, the creative oasis is not only suitable for workshops and events, it is also intended to make berry’s current projects and work visible. In the workshop room, the teams have the opportunity to visualize and discuss their work. On the one hand, this provides employees with an overview of the company’s current work; on the other hand, this visibility also promotes exchange between departments and valuable synergies can be exploited spontaneously.

    Workplace strategies that promote innovation can easily become unbalanced. However, too much of a good thing is harmful – this also applies to social interaction. Although berry places a high value on interaction with colleagues and customers, employees are free to retreat to quieter areas. At the back of the office, employees have the opportunity to work in peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    For those who also want to withdraw acoustically from the rest of the office, the new Talky is available exclusively from berry in two different sizes. Talky is the latest design by renowned Swiss designer and architect Stephan Hürlemann in collaboration with Erich Keller AG and is a phonebooth, meeting pod and creative space all in one. Through various add-ons, the soundproof room becomes an integral part of the workspace, enriching today’s agile work.

    With its various zones, the modern working environment not only offers employees a variety of work options, but also inspires berry’s customers with a wide range of workplace designs. Whether cafeteria, lounge or meeting room, the showroom in the middle of Zurich demonstrates various ways in which modern office concepts can be implemented.

    With different color worlds, many small details and enriching plants, the new showroom of berry in Zurich underlines the open and modern company culture. A corporate culture that perceives its employees as the company’s most important asset and treats them accordingly with appreciation.

    Design: berry
    Photography: Simon Röthlin