Melar Operations Offices – Saint Julians

Parallel Architects designed the Melar Operations offices with functionality in mind in Saint Julians, Malta.

This project was commissioned to us when the site was still bare of any services, internal divisions, sense of space or function. We tackled all stages of the project from the very initial client briefing to the design, detailing and execution of all works with a throughout consultation with the project mechanical, electrical & sound engineer. The holistic manner in which the project was handled has led to a satisfaction in terms of design, function and client expectations.​

The Melar Operations office design revolves around the needs of the business’s core operations – that of being a 24/7 support office. The working area is an open-plan and is the largest space in the office, with the kitchen on one side and lobby and two meeting rooms on the other both doubling up as break-out area’s or alternative working space’s. The office was designed with great attention to the acoustics and lighting that are suitable for a round-the-clock workplace. Through a consultation with a sound engineer, we were able to select the appropriate materials that absorb as much sound as possible, including the acoustically-treated soffits and partitions, the desk partitions and the floor carpet in-order to minimize noise disruption. The lighting was designed with a certain degree of automation to achieve a transition of light between day and night to be as seamless as possible.

The modular aspect of the office was another central part of the design, making it a flexible space that can easily be changed around to accommodate the office’s needs. The open plan work space was designed in such a manner that no fixed services or furniture were installed – services were passed through free-standing plug and play electrical poles with a one-meter radius displacement range, each one supplying a cluster of desks making them easy to be relocated when necessary.

The office design has a clean and young approach with a carefully selected palette of grey’s, greens, blues and birch plywood. The overall composition resulted in an inviting and tranquil workspace.

Design: Parallel Architects
Photography: Luca Noto