Arcedges Offices – Ahmedabad

  • Client Arcedges,
  • size 1,200 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Ahmedabad, India,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Studionine Architects imagined an interplay of grids and lattices to realize the Arcedges offices located in Ahmedabad, India..

    Designed for a young company and catering to 20 employees, the client brief required a fuss-free, youthful vibe set within an efficient work environment. The 1200sq.ft office floor has been intelligently designed to accommodate open workstations, private cabins and conference room.

    An intuitive approach to space-making led to a simple yet extremely versatile palette of Birchwood, configured to create a system of partitions, storage, and interesting backdrops. The design idea extends into the ceiling as a grid-based lighting design, creating a cohesive environment all across. A conscious decision of using transparent, and visually light partitions throughout the office to allow in maximum natural light was a primary design decision.

    The office’s interior unravels through three major layers; seamless kota stone tiled floors, exposed grey-painted ceiling with cable trays to conceal necessary services, and a third layer of Birchwood lattices and grids to form furniture and interior elements.

    An active, upbeat tone is set right from the reception space, where a bright orange wall contrasts a black zig-zag patterned floor. Contrasting and complementing this, a black-painted grid ceiling gives a sense of steadiness to suit the young company’s vigour. A neat grid in polished birch appears as a see-through lattice, holding the company logo, engraved in Birchwood.

    The common workspace is composed of custom-designed modular workstations, with ample built-in storage in Birchwood. The latticed wooden elements here take on a wider grid, to allow for enough filing and office supplies storage. The grey-painted ceiling is exposed, to give a sense of larger volume and openness, while linear profile LEDs create an illusion of length.

    The Director’s cabin, strategically located along the direct source of natural light, is a composition of clean lines and coordinated orthogonal geometries of furniture and storage. The company’s signature orange wall peeks through the series of playful openable cabinetry.

    On the other hand, the long conference room has some elements designed to break away from the grid. A play of diagonal lines creates a profile lighting element on the ceiling, while on the wall, a storage element is made with a narrow grid in orange.

    All across the office, lattices and grids are explored in their width and narrowness, allowing for expansion and modular growth to keep up with the company’s progress.

    Through a complete design journey in Birchwood, Studionine epitomizes their commitment to craft, truth to materials, and an undying search for perfection!

    Design: Studionine Architects
    Photography: Maulik Patel of Inclined Studio