MAE (Mercado Abierto Electrónico) Offices – Buenos Aires

Intro Arquitectura designed the MAE (Mercado Abierto Electrónico) offices with both non-traditional and traditional work spaces in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our greatest challenge in this project was transforming traditional offices that were distributed between two floors and had a large number of private and closed spaces into a new open space model on a single floor.

This new type of workspace requires the integration and communication between the different work teams through the use of completely different and renewed organizational structures.

The soul of the project was a central piece that, through its functions, fulfilled MAE’s main requirement: the union and interaction of different sectors. This social nucleus contains collaborative areas such as meeting rooms and living rooms for informal meetings.

The connecting piece created a path that garnered interest and provided spatial quality. All interactions, synergies, and collaborations among workers take place here.

Design: Intro Arquitectura
Photography: Andrés Negroni