Polaris Headquarters – Medina

  • Client Polaris,
  • size 124,528 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Medina, Minnesota, United States,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • NELSON Worldwide was tasked with making the Polaris Headquarters both a place for employees to do work and a space for outside vendors and clients to collaborate in Medina, Minnesota.

    With over 400 employees to date, manufacturer of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATV’s, Polaris Inc., sought the expertise of global architecture, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide for their Medina, Minnesota HQ. Having worked with NELSON on office renovations across the country, Polaris tapped the firm to reconceptualize their headquarters and create a space that hones employee well-being, elevates brand identity, and emphasizes company culture. The office includes upgraded workspaces, a showroom experience, a branded cafeteria, and a retail store.

    For the HQ, NELSON and Polaris came together to create a design concept that conveyed the brands guiding principles: “Best People, Best Team,” and “Safety and Ethics Always.” Welcoming guests and employees is a new architectural expansion equipped with a visitor entrance and security desk. NELSON’s additions to the existing atrium included matching the glazing and roof structure for a cohesive design between old and new. With increased vendor conferencing in a central location, employees can now meet and greet their guests nearby the product showroom. Open, collaborative spaces are included throughout the lobby for employees and their guests to kick the tires with intermittent meeting spaces from end to end. A separate employee entrance enters this space creating a more efficient circulation for day-to-day workers.

    With a spotlight on employee amenities, NELSON reimagined Polaris’ collaboration and gathering zones. By centralizing all vehicle displays to the showroom, the team created more breakout spaces within the open office and introduced new graphic displays. This included updated employee work cafes, a new boardroom and executive pantry, and the refresh of all employee work zones.

    Design: NELSON Worldwide
    Photography: Farm Kid Studios