Shortcut Playground Offices – Tel Aviv

A space to meet the needs of the media and advertising industry, Shortcut Playground's new homey workplace in Tel Aviv gives their staff an inspiring landscape for creativity.

Sharon Weiser Architecture with Michal Zarfaty Architecture & Interior Design completed the Shortcut Playground offices with a variation of materials for flooring, wall finishes, and partition features in Tel Aviv, Israel.

When designing for a media company, there is plentiful ground to create a space that doesn’t feel like a workplace.

The dynamics with the owner, managers of the company, and the designers who create promos for TV have enlightened the creation of a place that feels like a home.

Among the many extraordinary elements chosen for the creative playhouse is the unique parquet flooring which gives a tenderness, homely feeling which is nevertheless designed with black elements, creating space and blending with the other colors, emphasizing the feeling of a cozy playground.

Design: Sharon Weiser Architecture and Michal Zarfaty Architecture & Interior Design
Photography: Oded Smadar | Studio Smadar