FDP Offices – Montreal

  • Client FDP,
  • size 6,700 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Montreal, Canada,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Trafic Design was tasked with giving the FDP offices a welcoming feel to appeal to clients as well as create a functional workspace in Montreal, Canada.

    FDP, a private wealth management firm, wished to create a client center in Montreal, separate from its head office, to better serve their clients. The space had to embody the new corporate branding. Trafic design opted to create an inspiring and contemporary space to enhance the experience of the user. Designing for the wellness of people using the space is what drives Trafic throughout a project.

    The space had to be divided in two sections; one for the management team and one for the client’s service. The management section had to be secured and have lots of storage. On the other hand, the client section had to be open and inviting and hold a number of meeting rooms and closed offices in order for the advisors to meet their client in a quiet and discreet setting.

    The reception area was designed with the intention to convey a reassuring effect when entering the space. The space is large and inviting and offers a clear view onto the city and the St-Lawrence river from the 21st floor. Inspiration was drawn from the hospitality sector to convey the perfect comforting effect.

    The space design had to be of a very good quality and show great attention to details. As the space would be distributed along a long corridor, we made sure natural light would modulate the area. Textures and finishes have a unique beauty and character. Sound insulation was an important topic when specifying the wall construction. Discretion is key in building trust in the relationship.

    Natural wood is used in sleek frames for the large inside windows; providing lots of natural light and great outside views for people wandering the hallways. The color palette is simple and unique. It helps convey the modern look yet stay very elegant.

    A specific angle is found in the client’s branding and the same angle was used to sculpt different elements in the space, from walls in the reception area, reception desk and details throughout the center. Branding and space design working hand in hand to create the perfect client center for FDP Gestion privée.

    Design: Trafic Design
    Contractor: LC 2000
    Photography: Maxime Brouillet