GZ OfficeXperience Showroom – Westzaan

  • Client GZ OfficeXperience,
  • size 25,510 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Westzaan, Netherlands,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • GZ OfficeXperience and Hecon Bouwgroep worked together on completing the showroom for the furniture brand to give dynamic spaces in a welcoming environment in Westzaan, Netherlands.

    After more than 30 years, it was time for a new office/showroom, in which GZ OfficeXperience could really show their (potential) clients what they do best. And they created that space together with Hecon Bouwgroep in Westzaan, Netherlands.

    After 18 years in our previous office, we’ve noticed the last couple of years that it didn’t fit our needs anymore. The warehouse was too big, our office and showroom area too small. The building stood in an industrial area and we weren’t really noticeable. The climate control was outdated and we didn’t have enough daylight inside of the building. We were unable to really show what we were aiming for as a company, as a modern workspace.

    And that’s why we decided to look for a new space where we could really show what we do best. How we can help our (potential) clients with their workspace challenges. We found a beautiful lot in Hoogtij, Westzaan. It’s clearly visible from the road and directly located next to the Noordzeekanaal, which ties in with our love for nautical elements.

    Our new workspace is very open and light. The ground floor, first and second floor are connected with each other through this beautiful staircase, which was designed by Hecon Bouwgroep and GZ OfficeXperience. The PVC flooring is connected with the staircase, creating a kind of aorta. This aorta is connecting the front door with the first floor and the second, leading through to the terrace. A clear walking route, which leads you through the whole building.

    We’ve tried to take our part in the new ways of sustainable living(and working) and we’ve opted for sustainable solutions where they were possible. Our buildings foundation was cast with circular concrete and we’ve installed heat pumps and solar panels. With regard to the interior we’ve also put on our green hat. 98% of our previous office was taken with us and given a new purpose in our new workspace. Most of it in their original design, some others were redesigned to fit our new needs.

    We are incredibly happy with our new workspace and we want to share it with everyone. Because of COVID-19, we weren’t even able to enjoy our new workspace with all our colleagues. It’s been a real punishment to not be able to work here fulltime for so long. But now we can fully enjoy our new workspace and share our experience and inspiration with our suppliers, clients and prospects. Our new workspace is perfect for outsiders as well, as we are open to rent out our spaces for workshops and meetings. Come and join our GZ | Club!

    Design: GZ OfficeXperience and Hecon Bouwgroep
    Photography: Keesnan Dogger