TA Realty Offices – Boston

  • Client TA Realty,
  • size 28,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States,
  • Industry Real Estate Services,
  • Fusion Design Consultants completed the TA Realty offices with a slick design and a focus on the views in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Fusion Design Consultants designed our client’s new corporate headquarters in the heart of Boston with expansive 360-degree views of the city. An important goal of the project was to design a space that reflects their company culture.

    Understanding the importance of collaboration and team spirit, we created a large café to encourage camaraderie. As the design has a strong focus on wellbeing and employee experience, we teamed with our professional partners to guide the team through relevant trends, workplace strategy and thought leadership to execute this project through the pandemic.

    The design aesthetic of the office helps in attracting, retaining and engaging new talent. The client was drawn to a high-quality warm, neutral color palette with modern elements. Color and custom graphics were integrated into the design with accents such as wallcoverings, signage and branding to enhance their corporate brand.

    We took advantage of natural light while maintaining a high number of private offices and meeting rooms. Glass wall systems allow light to filter into the interior spaces on the floor. The efficient footprint of the private offices was achieved through creative furniture planning. Open, informal meeting areas are located around the floor with a variety of furnishings to allow for choice of workstyle, which also encourages meetings and collaboration to happen naturally throughout the day. Video conferencing capabilities in all meeting and conference rooms to support communication between all of their office and client locations.

    Working closely with the executive team, we reimagined our client’s brand and aesthetic, creatively integrating their mission into the architecture. The team worked collaboratively and creatively to execute the project entirely during the pandemic, and the end result has proven to be successful with the client’s team eager to return to their newly designed office.

    Design: Fusion Design Consultants
    Photography: Bruce T. Martin Photography