Nowy Styl Showroom and Offices – Prague

  • Client Nowy Styl,
  • size 5,576 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Nowy Styl completed their showroom and offices with a sleek and raw feel in Prague, Czech Republic.

    This is the first Nowy Styl showroom you can enter right after you leave the boat and step ashore! The show interior, which also serves as an office, is located in the trendy facility known as DOCK IN, right on the bank of the Vltava river.

    The project followed the idea of a living showroom. It involves creating a fully functional workspace for sales managers and architects. This is why we focused on their everyday needs rather than the wish to come up with a typical exposition, which would in fact be creating art for art’s sake.

    Nowy Styl architects wanted to show how raw elements of design form a contrast with warm textures and colours. Industrial warmth. They created a unique space with an open, industrial ceiling, walls in natural colours and warm wooden wall finish and furniture.

    While designing showrooms all over the world, Nowy Styl usually try to include a hint of local vibes in each of them, to make the whole place authentic and rooted in its culture and surroundings. For the Prague showroom they used Bomma lamps, which elevate the traditional Czech glass-making to a brand new level. To also make a reference to the name of the Palmovka district, where this showroom is situated, they put wallpaper with a palm tree motif on one of the walls. Plus, threw in a few live palm trees, which are also an element of biophilic design.

    Nowy Styl showroom in Prague is a space full of office inspirations, open for many guests. It is placed in unique location with easy access from various parts of the city – you can reach it by car, tram, underground, by bike or… by boat. Showroom is known as “a paradise for architects”, as they can enjoy the whole design zone, including a large project table and a wall with finish templates,. They can mix and match, test and try, and be inspired – or just have fun playing with colours and textures.

    Design: Nowy Styl
    Photography: Andrlik Petr