Mid Europa Partners Offices – Warsaw

  • Client Mid Europa Partners,
  • size 5,382 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Warsaw, Poland,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki designed the Mid Europa Partners offices with thoughtful colors and materials for the space in Warsaw, Poland.

    Mid Europa Parteners office of 500sqm area is located in the building of Warsaw Finanacial Center. The arrangement is really modern with some art deco elements. The conscious design and mixture of colours and materials allow to create special office interior.

    The interior of the office is designed in the unique way. Here we have a composition of the materials such as quartz sinter, velour, vaneer or lastrico. The selection of the colours makes the interior looks cosy and can be seen as the integrity.

    The details are the most important part of this project. The whole space is full of them. The most of them deserve our attention due to the final effect as well as the really high level of realization.

    The reception has been designed with the usage of vertical rustication, the piece of furniture is based on light footing which in addition to reflecting plight make it looks really gently. The wardrobe behind the reception has gold plating handles and doors covered with felt. In the kitchen area and coffee points we designed lastrico stone counter and the fronts made of ornament glass that while being lightened give the unique general effect.

    In the conference rooms we proposed wooden acoustic ceilings which in connection with innovative AV system enable the fast and comfortable management of the meetings and presentations.

    The finishing of the walls has been designed with interesting composition of the materials in which some of them had never before been used by us in the interior design. Sinter, velour, concrete, vaneer or molding. A lot of factures and textures. But due to the appropriate palette of colours these materials can exist in harmony one with another.

    Design: BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki
    Photography: Fotomohito