Council of Pontevedra Offices – Pontevedra

  • Client Council of Pontevedra,
  • size 5,705 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Pontevedra, Spain,
  • Industry Non-Profit / Government,
  • NAN Arquitectos gave the Council of Pontevedra a space with the formality yet modernity they needed for their office in Pontevedra, Spain.

    Commissioned by the Council of Pontevedra, we carried out the project for a plenary hall and administrative spaces on the second floor of the building located on Michelena street on Pontevedra city. Current mayoralty.

    The morphology was based on creating a central body where we would locate the plenary hall, this body should have a great presence both by representativeness and by volume of occupation. The circulations and other offices, as well as the “open office” are articulated around it.

    For this, a differentiated circulation space is created by having a roof of different material, and of different height. The rest of the rooms are distributed with a lower metal ceiling. In the longitudinal direction, accompanying the press room are the offices closed in glass and with direct access to the existing windows. The ceiling adapts with a chamfer to the height of the openings.

    Towards the end of the room we find the open office space, where storage furniture and tables joined by work sectors are introduced. An “office” or rest space is also designed in tune with the materials and aesthetics that accompany those areas.

    The materials used are also seeking the comfort of all users, in this way acoustic attenuators have been used on the ceiling of the plenary hall in order to minimize reverberation. The wood used both on the ceiling and on the walls, add warmth to this set. We have tried to find a futuristic aspect of the whole set through the lighting and the materials. For what is sought through the design to introduce in various elements indirect lights that mark architectural volumes that give us that feeling we seek.

    Following the futuristic thread, we introduce very neutral and continuous materials that help us achieve formally clean spaces, without fanfare or unnecessary decorative elements. For this we use metallic finishes such as aluminum in the perimeter ceilings, the melamine lining with an aluminum finish in the central volume. The gray vinyl flooring applied in a roll to avoid joints and glass.

    The shape of the central element is curved in counterpoint to the orthogonal lines of the rest of the set, which acquires a greater prominence.

    Design: NAN Arquitectos
    Design Team: Alberto F. Reiriz, Vicente Pillado, Sofía Agulló, Jose Luis Paulos, Juan Carlos Viñayo, Ángel Velando, Sandra Valverde, Luis Ángel Fernandez
    Photography: Ivan Casal Nieto