1517 Media Offices – Minneapolis

  • Client 1517 Media,
  • size 14,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Studio BV was tasked with the office design for 1517 Media, a space emphasizing the importance of community for their location in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    The concept for the new 1517 Media office is about connecting to each other. The shift from downtown into the North Loop provides 1517 Media a chance to re-write the fabric of their office. How they meet, who comes to work, how do they feel inspired. The work that 1517 Media does is essential. Through their creativity and brilliance, they translate the past into the present. Creating stories and messages that have resonated through the ages but are new again.

    This work is essential for their community and creating this work of faith requires connections. Those will be digital, physical and emotional. The new office will support these modalities. Work will happen in the office and away from it. Coming to the office will inspire the teams at 1517 Media to create new products and materials that will go to market and engage their community.

    The enclosed workspaces support creativity and privacy. The open areas are near the light. The cafe creates a connection and a hub in the office. The new enclosed spaces will have new technology paired with existing furniture to create a new sense of place.

    The next evolution of the 1517 Media office requires teams to be mobile. Teams will move around the office to do their best work. They will come to work to meet and collaborate and to connect with each other. Most of the focus work will happen away from the office. This new office is a catalyst for people to do their best work in a place that is designed to support the creative process.

    Design: Studio BV
    Photography: Corey Gaffer