Ramboll Offices – Hamburg

Water, wind, plants and trees were used as conceptual elements to inspire the Ramboll offices, a strong focus on sustainable design for the international engineering, architecture and management consultancy's Hamburg location.

  • Client Ramboll,
  • size 32,292 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hamburg, Germany,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Construction / Engineering,
  • PLY atelier focused on sustainability and environment when designing the offices for Ramboll in Hamburg, Germany.

    Ramboll is an international engineering, architecture and management consultancy – with a competence in the field of new energies. PLY used this connection to the elements water, wind, plants and trees as a conceptual driver for the architectural space concept.

    The strong focus on sustainable design manifests itself in the choice of architectural materials as well as the furnishing concept of the space.

    The choice of materials fell on local woods with short delivery routes (primarily fir) as well as linoleum as a natural material with cork as impact sound insulation and loose carpets made entirely of recycled material in the meeting areas. Wood wall panels used throughout serve the acoustics and the room climate. The concrete ceilings were left untreated, industrial glass gives a water-like impression as a reminiscent of the element. Steel, polished as well as brushed, represents an important element of engineering and can be found primarily in the entrance area, which, like other areas, has been lavishly planted to enhance the indoor climate. Patina is envisaged and welcomed in the material concept. As well as the growing beauty of the used plants.

    The furniture is sourced in Europe with a focus on regional manufacturer. Selection criterion was durability and flexibility. The storage for instance comes from Berlin and is a modular system, that can be dismantled and rebuilt differently according to changing needs.

    The desk light comes from a lighting manufacturer based in Hamburg and has been awarded the german sustainability award in design 2021.

    Ramboll in Germany employs several hundred people who were able to use the home office even before the pandemic and were fundamentally familiar with agile working methods.

    Thus, the new area for the largest Ramboll location in Germany in Hamburg is shaped by the spirit of creating a place that in the new working world serves more as a magnet for analog meetings than as an office for a permanent workplace.

    Offering a space which accommodates a highly flexible and fluctuating number of employees and visitors, enabling spontaneous meetings and encourage creativity and exchange. Corresponding zoning of so-called home zones, which grow into one another with lounge, meeting and social zones, create a communicative perpetual mobile.

    Design: PLY atelier
    Photography: Nina Struve