Shell Offices – Moscow

Given Shell’s focus on energy, the objective of their Moscow office was to reflect the company's character in the design, its commitment to development and forward motion.

  • Client Shell,
  • size 53,820 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Energy / Mining / Oil,
  • AECOM created a modern working environment that addresses both the physical and human needs of office conditions for Shell‘s location in Moscow, Russia.

    From this grew the idea of the Energy Flow principle which is reflected in details and color schemes. A bright red strip stands for energy running through the entire office and concentrating in the collaboration and informal communication areas.

    Shell’s main value is its staff and their connection to the global brand reflected in their office’ s worldwide. To maintain this connection, AECOM’s architects developed a branding design for the new office that includes visual imagery reflecting the company’s history, Shell’s presence in Russia and worldwide, and key projects and cooperation (for example, the Shell/ Scuderia Ferrari partnership).

    AECOM carried out research to further develop the idea that the office of the future is a place for meetings and collaboration, and that companies’ success depends on the creative approach of all its employees. The space itself should inspire people to propose novel solutions, as fixed workstations and enclosed offices recede into the past.

    During the design development special attention was paid to the variety of zones and functions. The new office includes a Business Garden, a lounge/meeting room, dining rooms (Energy Hub), a library, a transformable teamwork zone (Elastic Area), a sleeping and meditation area, a medical room, many soft seating areas, etc. Four meeting rooms can be integrated into a Town Hall for holding major events and important meetings.

    The health and comfort of the company’s employees has been prioritized so that, all workstations in the office are ergonomic with automatic height adjustment. The design is based on state-of-the-art technology solutions: meeting rooms are equipped with video-conferencing systems, and microclimate and lighting controls. Also, the office has a comprehensive safety and security system, and includes a system of waste collection that separates different types of waste.

    An important component of the design development stage was meeting Shell’s stringent standards and space planning regulations. Initially, before the pandemic, the project represented an open space office with numerous workstations and several recreation and collaboration areas. In the summer of 2020, taking the COVID impact into effect, the project was adapted to a more diverse format with the idea of an activity-based environment and well-being principles.

    Once the project was completed and based on the positive employee reviews of the space, our design became a starting point for the creation of a new approach for Shell offices around the world.

    Design: AECOM
    Design Team: Olga Skobeleva, Sandu Alexey, Kadzaev Alexander, Dankovtsev Maxim, Vorozheykina Evgeniya
    Photography: Sergey Volokitin