AMOREPACIFIC Offices – Hong Kong

  • Client AmorePacific,
  • size 8,300 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • Centre Base used creative wall finishes, pops of color, and dynamic furniture for the AMOREPACIFIC offices in Hong Kong.

    When Amorepacific Hong Kong decided to relocate their office, they decided to go for agile workplace: no fixed seats, a lot of lounge seating areas and bar positions, allowing employees to adopt activity based working style which stimulates new ideas and innovation.

    The design team answers the request by putting a large work café area right next to the reception, then connect to the open office area. Along the window is bench sofa with café table, as well as long high table. This allows plenty of natural daylight coming into the office as there is no room along the window. This bright and open environment encourages collaborative and communicative works.

    Different types of collaborative work furniture are used, not just standard meeting room setup. This aims to stimulate employees’ innovations, motivate them to express themselves and come up with more creative ideas.

    A natural colour tone is selected as the client is a wellness and beauty brand. As a result, the new agile workplace design not only matches the corporate brand image, but also provides a warm and homey to all the stakeholders, including both employees, guests and customers.

    The client comments that more than 80% of employees give full marks to the new office and agree that everyone can work comfortably, which is of course beneficial to the company

    Design: Centre Base
    Photography: Bosco Yip