HUB Security Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client HUB Security,
  • size 19,806 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Switchup was tasked with giving the HUB Security offices a welcoming environment that feels like home in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Hub Security is a cyber-security company that provides the ultimate protection in confidential computing. Switchup created an office space for Hub Security that honors the modern and progressive elements of the company’s mission while not being cold or harsh. The Hub Security space is anything but sterile, and is colorful and cozy enough that you may not even know it is a cyber security company quarters. The design tastefully balances a pastel recurring color theme and dark, industrial details.

    In many small nooks and alcoves throughout the office, one can see the recurrent pastel colors pink, teal, and yellow. Typically, as is the case in this waiting area, the colors will be noticeable, but won’t be loud. They are balanced by neutral tones and natural, earthy elements like potted plans and natural wood flooring.

    Rather than sequestering the kitchen and eating areas in one room, the main kitchen in Hub Security is centralized and open. Instead of traditional cafeteria style seating, this break area has a small high-top barstool seating option as well as a sprawling, comfortable lounge. This makes this space dual purpose, and can improve collaboration by facilitating conversations between those taking a quick break away from their desks and those having lunch at the bar. Colors in this space are light and bright neutrals, with the pops of pastels we see in other portions of the office.

    In addition to the main kitchen and lounge area, there is a smaller break area with a sink and coffee station, as well as tables and chairs. This space also offers a large television screen, making it perfect for company-wide meetings with presentations or ones that are a hybrid mix of in-person and virtual.

    Hub Security’s pastel color scheme takes a pause in this relaxing, indoor oasis. Cushy lawn furniture and a bamboo swing chair, as well as overhead bulb lighting, make this space a perfect respite for anyone stressed by a demanding career in cyber security.

    Design: Switchup
    Photography: Peled studios