Kickernick Building Spec Suites – Minneapolis

  • Client Kickernick Building,
  • size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States,
  • Industry Spec Suite,
  • Studio BV designed the Kickernick Building Spec Suites to give potential clients sleek, functional, and sophisticated office options in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Spec Office Suites are the next evolution of office space. This real estate concept is the in-between approach between a traditional process of obtaining an office space (find a building with a broker, custom design a space with an architect, build it with a contractor, move in), and a co-working space that has no dedicated spaces for your team or custom features.

    Spec suites are meeting the market where it’s at. The tenants for spec suites vary, they could be start up companies that are coming out of co working, they could be mature businesses who want to short cut the traditional real estate process. These ready to go suites are appealing to businesses that can’t wait the 7-12 months a traditional design process takes to move into a commercial office space.

    The Kickernick Building is in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. It is a brick and a wood structure that was a manufacturing building that made raincoats and ladies underwear. The building maintains its original birch floors and red brick walls. The columns are wood, and the wood ceilings and floors give it a warm architectural background.

    The new café space is a place of hospitality and work. The bar anchors this space and supports the entertaining needs of the future office team as well as a nice place to gather for groups. In the smaller suites the suite entry door leads you into the café space. That creates a multi-purpose space. Most spec suites aren’t planned with space for receptionists. So, gathering areas create a great spot for guests and for the team. There are lots of open collaboration spaces around the café to leverage that opportunity to gather and connect.

    Design: Studio BV
    Contractor: Crawford Merz, Anderson CC
    Photography: Corey Gaffer