Verita Informatika Offices – Jakarta

  • Client Verita Informatika,
  • size 5,124 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development, Technology,
  • Arkadia Works designed the Verita Informatika offices as a comfortable yet professional environment with ample space for effective work in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Arkadia Works has designed a Semi Industrial office with vibrant elements to Verita Informatika, a proven solution provider for the banking industry, telecommunications, and governmental federal authorities in the intelligence and cyber fields.

    By the concept of “Digital Hub”, Designer creates a co-working space that provides a flexible workspace and collaborative area for Verita employees. The fun and comfortable atmosphere are chosen to bring more productivity for young employees.

    The industrial elements are applied by the use of exposed bricks, cement exposed, open ceiling, spotlights, hanging lamps, etc. Designer put some triangles shape on the sandblast sticker, doors, and ceiling to emphasize corporate identity. To bring a fresh impression, artificial plants are applied on the wall, table, or corner of the room.

    Motivational quotes “Play, fun & responsible” are applied on the green wall at Reception Area, to bring spirit productivity for the employee.

    As the Designer creates a collaborative space, the open-plan office is designed for comfortable working. 2 Meeting Rooms are provided for private discussion.

    The colourful ambience is chosen for a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Employees can also be relaxed and do some informal discussions at the Breakout Area or Pantry Area.

    Design: Arkadia Works
    Photography: Imaji Raya