McCann Offices – Bucharest

Drawing from Bucharest's industrial heritage, reclaimed brick, metal, concrete and other materials were used in designing McCann's flexible and open area offices.

  • Client McCann,
  • size 10,764 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • Corvin Cristian Studio worked to create a naturally flowing dedicated space for the McCann offices in Bucharest, Romania.

    McCann offices are located in One Eliade Tower, part of a development built around the former interwar Ford factory. The offices have direct view towards the listed building relevant for Bucharest’s industrial heritage hence this is where we found inspiration.

    We used industrial elements, opting for simplicity and utility over adornment. The partitions made of reclaimed old brick, metal frame glass partitions, rubber flooring, bare concrete, wire fencing, glass bricks, plywood, etc. make use of similar materials, proportions and technique as ones in the neighboring historical building. In the same spirit of industrial honesty, piping is visible throughout the open ceiling and part of the 1000 sqm floor is uncovered, leaving visible the zinc capsulated tiles.

    In sharp contrast, Persian authentic rugs cover the lounge areas that needed a homey and relaxed feel. Most furniture pieces in the lounge and collaborative areas are classics of the 30’s and 40’s, a hint to the reference building but also to a golden era of advertising. Not only these unexpected elements are a reverence to the history of the place but have a disrupting effect to the otherwise typical corporate building. One self-imposed brief was to have in mind the most typical solution and then to do the opposite as to contradict any sense of corporatization. Curtains and upholstery are in pre-washed denim.

    The layout reflects the new way of work, encourages connectivity, socializing and agile teamwork combining interactive open plan areas, floating desks for those who mostly work remote, meeting areas, relaxing lounge areas, one to one booths, various sizes meeting rooms, some responding to confidentiality needs while others only visually separated by denim curtains. All permanent desks are height adjustable. Space is flexible and dynamic as floating desks near reception can be easily dismantled to allow for an empty area dedicated to periodic internal events, exhibitions and parties.

    Design: Corvin Cristian Studio
    Design Team: Serban Rosca, Adrian Oancea, Ana Malaianu, Alia Al Jabbari, Petru Laluț, Corvin Cristian
    Photography: courtesy of Corvin Cristian Studio