Amadeus Offices – Singapore

  • Client Amadeus,
  • size 26,254 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Singapore,
  • Industry Travel,
  • ID21 embraced the incredible views as a highlight to the flexible office spaces for Amadeus in Singapore.

    Imagine working on your laptop in a space with a panoramic sea view. When you need a break, simply walk over to the coffee bar, pool table or foosball table nearby to briefly unwind. That’s not all. You can also choose to work at a different spot within the office if there is a change in your mood or needs. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the Amadeus Singapore office.

    Here, flexibility is key. This explains why there are no dedicated desks for employees, only dedicated zones (or what we call “neighbourhoods” in commercial interior design speak) for the various departments. By doing so, we ensure that employees would still know where to head to if they need to speak to a colleague from Finance or Human Resources, for example.

    To further guide and help people to find their way within their new workplace, we also implemented colour coding for the rooms. General meeting rooms are livened up with hues of Amadeus’s corporate blue, while smaller discussion areas are clad in a soothing green. The same colour palette is mirrored across decorative walls and hanging panels aimed at acoustic control.

    For those who need a space for focus work, or who wish to unwind in a quiet zone, a special room – aptly named the Library – offers respite. Here, staff are encouraged to keep their phones switched off or on silent mode, and loud talking is discouraged. Be it reading nooks, focus pods or more spacious work tables, there is a place here for everyone.

    Nature-inspired elements aimed at “bringing the outside in” also feature strongly in this open-concept workplace. An eye-pleasing moss wall bearing a geographical outline of Asia Pacific greets visitors at the reception area, while planters and hanging foliage offer calm in other parts of the office. Where possible, eco-certified furnishings and finishings are also used.

    Through a people-centric design approach that focuses on offering choice and flexibility, we have created an activity-based working environment that is not only environmentally conscious but also drives collaboration and productivity.

    Design: ID21
    Photography: Kelvin Cuff