Co55 Coworking Offices – New Cairo City

  • Client Co55,
  • size 10,764 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location New Cairo, Egypt,
  • Industry Coworking,
  • Two Emms Design Studio completed the innovative and collaborative Co55 coworking offices in New Cairo City, Egypt.

    Co55 is one of the very first few co-working spaces introduced in Egypt. They wanted a space that marketed the idea of sharing new and avant garde ideas and to connect people of different backgrounds, fields and even cultures. The main idea of the space is to create an experimental hub for both start-ups and well established companies to share and exchange traits, experiences and struggles to push forward new ideas in different markets

    CO55 teamed up with Two Emms Design Studio to start the journey of their idea together and collaborate on many branches across the region.

    For this space, Two Emms Design Studio wanted to use a tangible metaphor for the concept and the vision that CO55 tried to create. They chose the movement of colors through the space as a main guide that increased in intensity in areas where people gathered, shared ideas and communicated the most like the main core of the space, meeting rooms and break area, and decreased in intensity as you move into the enclosed or private offices , which requires more seclusion and privacy.

    As one walks through the space, he would easily fit into the new (CO)mmunity by moving with the colors that help him understand the space more and blend in the shared spaces, but at the same time having his/her private office.

    Art and installations were also meticulously designed and chosen by Two Emms Design Studio to reflect the concept, especially in the core of the space where you see an installation of same but different faces , which reflects the blended community of CO55.

    It is always a challenge for Two Emms Design Studio to come up with new ideas for each branch that reflect the same concept, but at the same time this what makes these co-working spaces so unique and always ahead of their game.

    Design: Two Emms Design Studio
    Contractor: Ahmed Selim and Farah Selim
    Photography: Nour El Refai