BNZ Partners Centre Offices – Wellington

Capturing the essence of BNZ, the next evolution of the Partners Centre in Wellington is a playful yet highly functional space with sophisticated digital integration.

  • Client BNZ,
  • size 71,042 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Location Wellington, New Zealand,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Unispace was tasked to complete the BNZ Partners Centre offices with various spaces for meeting and working in Wellington, New Zealand.

    Since early 2016, BNZ has partnered with Unispace to deliver more than 20 projects across their portfolio in New Zealand, using our unique Think, Create, Make methodology. The latest project in this ever-growing partnership was an opportunity to design the latest iteration of the BNZ Partners Centre experience and deliver the next leap in tailored customer-centric service.

    As a critical component to BNZ’s unique selling proposition, the Partners Centre is a collaborative space where BNZ can work with, support and interact with clients. While the previous industry benchmark for shared partner spaces was fit-for-purpose for its time, global thinking in connecting with customers has moved on.

    In the aftermath of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, it was paramount for BNZ to maintain a position as market leader and to showcase the resilience of the bank in the face of adversity. Unispace was engaged to establish the next evolution of the Partners Centre, as part of a wider nine-story workplace project for BNZ in the heart of Wellington.

    Our strategy team undertook benchmarking research to explore best in class lounge experiences globally. Insights from industries leading the way in innovation, along with findings about millennials and the digitisation of banking, propelled us to challenge the status quo and incorporate a seamless and responsive digital interface to the space.

    The result is a bold, welcoming environment that focuses on experience as well as function. The playful design brings the city of Wellington to the Partners Centre, representing the city’s vibrant culture. The space includes a dedicated coworking lounge, meeting rooms, event space, cafe, collaboration zones and focus areas, each representing notable landmarks and street names.

    Unique touchpoints respond to the needs of BNZ clients to elevate their experience; from a dedicated on-site concierge to immersive technology solutions that allow users to connect at any work setting, with any device.

    With a members lounge look and feel, the shift in focus to experience is evident. The Partners Centre is a space that inspires collaboration, communication and networking; the bumping of like-minded individuals to build businesses and networks, where BNZ partners and their clients can work together.

    Design: Unispace
    Photography: Shannon McGrath