AES Dominicana Offices – Santo Domingo

  • Client AES Dominicana,
  • size 9,688 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,
  • Industry Utilities,
  • 3g Office used bright colors and rich textures to complete the AES Dominicana offices in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    AES Dominicana is a company that operates mainly in the Oil and Gas sector, currently being the most economical and efficient electricity generating company in the Dominican Republic, always focused on building innovative solutions through sustainable energy to raise the improvement of lives. Around the country.

    A new workspace generates changes and these generate a new narrative. A key part of this intervention was to entail a new vision of AES Dominicana in its new location and that it become a “canvas” that gives rise to new creative, functional areas and above all that supports the origin of said company and its great value in the nation.

    The 3g office Dominican Republic team has designed these new offices under the concept of three key points: adaptation to the culture and new image of the company, the creation of a new space that inspires employees to create connections, facilitate work as a team and reflect a global, contemporary, fresh and creative attitude. All this through the prioritization of well-being and sustainability in all its areas.

    The interior design of the open work space is considered a key point in this intervention, the general distribution of the workstations facilitates the journey for the collaborators, the furniture equipment of important brands such as Knoll give rise to new adjustments for the user comfort through the use of elevating desks, acoustic partition screens, under-cabinet connection tools, equipment support accessories, and adjustable lighting throughout the floor.

    The main meeting space is characterized by its agile modulation by including a mobile partition in the center, thus generating the reconfiguration of the area as necessary. The combination of textures such as light jequitiba wood, acoustic fiber panels, large glass panels, in combination with tones defined by the company’s corporate image plus the contrast of accents in black with industrial quality, all this generates a modern environment and its time serene for the interaction between collaborators and clients.

    The key to this design has always been to highlight a new meaning of new ways of work combined with wellness, thus encouraging its collaborators to connect and generate a collaborative community.

    Design: 3g Office
    Photography: Ricardo Piantini