Swimm Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client Swimm,
  • size 7,685 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Switchup designed the Swimm offices with an abundance of natural light to enhance a welcoming environment for their employees in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Swimm is a technology company that offers a secure, easy, and adaptable codebase so that companies can stay adept and productive. To honor Swimm’s always-moving progressive company culture, Switchup created an office that is clean, bright, and functional.

    The entry of Swimm combines industrial design features with clean white and off-white elements to create a nice, welcoming balance. The illuminated Swimm logo elicits imagery of places of ideation and invention, like studios and workshops. Green plant life contrasts the visible piping along the ceiling to help counteract the feeling of being in a warehouse.

    The kitchen space for Swimm features a large central bar with wraparound high stool seating. Bright oranges and muted mid-tone blues compliment each other and give the space a lively, youthful appearance. A large ceiling-mounted plant enclosure helps bring the outside into the indoor space and give the kitchen a calming appearance. Functionally, this kitchen offers anything an employee should need for break time, while also offering a more informal space to meet with each other or with guests to collaborate and ideate.

    For more formal meetings with prospective clients, buyers, or interviews with potential new hires, Swimm’s space features multiple conference rooms bearing names of oceans across the world. The walls of the conference room are textured off-white: a continuation of the design features from throughout the office space. A large window adjacent the traditional conference table gives onlookers a gorgeous view of Tel Aviv.

    Throughout the Swimm office space, mid-tone blues meet natural greenery to liven up the design. This large, built-in shelving feature not only offers tons of storage space for necessary supplies and documents but also gives an opportunity to display playful decorations, vases, and useful books.

    Numerous different seating and working modalities- from private work pods to collaborative spaces to traditional seated desks—give Swimm employees choice and flexibility when it comes to completing their work.

    Design: Switchup
    Photography: Peled Studios