LT Enerray Offices – Bologna

  • Client LT Enerray,
  • size 4,844 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Bologna, Italy,
  • Industry Utilities,
  • ACABADOMATE used textures, materials, and colors to contrast space in the LT Enerray offices in Bologna, Italy.

    The project for the new headquarters of the Lt Enerray offices in Bologna has been conceived, developed and carried out during (the) covid (pandemic) and managed remotely.

    Lt Enerray is a company dedicated to the management of renewable energy installations in Italy since 2001 in continuous expansion. Hence the need for a larger office for the Bologna headquarters, both to ensure greater comfort for users and to provide space for future growth.

    The companies headquarter is an isolated building located within a renovated business zone in a peripheral area of Bologna. It had been recently renovated and so the interior of this square floor building, with two levels and a lower deck, was left diaphanous. Therefore a future transformation could be executed completely free to its owners needs.

    Regular windows on all four facades provide light to the interior and views over a garden. The light stoneware floor and the accessible false ceiling were the only interior design elements had to be maintained and integrated into the design concept.

    The approach was to conceive the interiors as a succession of spaces with different textures, materials and colors that provide –while strolling through the building– a feeling of freshness, transparency and thoroughness which eventually reflects the spirit and culture of the company.

    The idea of achieving depth in sight from all workplaces we defined just as relevant to the design concept as the notion of the workplace itself.

    We were seeking to establish a greater harmony between spaces of gathering and interaction, recreation and activity, closed and open operational areas, by taking into account the differences in experimenting those spaces by the permanent user versus the occasional visitors.

    A thoughtful usage of colors and materials has been one of the central tools in implementing those ideas into the actual space.

    Each office zone has been conceived with its own textures and chromatic interplay. By combining those an eminent harmony is created as a result of either their similarity or contrast.

    The outcome is rather an intuitive than rational space, representing a more empathetic, domestic BUT less functionalist office culture, with a enjoyable and warm touch – just as we imagined the new headquarters of Lt Enerray to be – a dynamic company that looks to the future.

    Photography: Marcela Grassi