OXO International Offices – New York City

Every detail found in the international offices of OXO in New York City reflects the value the American manufacturer places on honest, raw materials and simple, thoughtful design.

  • Client OXO,
  • size 68,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • Ampersand Architecture designed a space that honors the brand identity and culture of OXO for their international offices in New York City, New York.

    In creating a space for award-winning product designers, we knew that details were important. OXO and Hydro Flask are companies of makers, and we wanted their space to reflect the value that they place on honest, raw materials and simple, thoughtful design. A palette of natural wood, cold-rolled steel, and felt accents complement the concrete floor and industrial-loft atmosphere. Engineered wood flooring was reimagined as a wall finish that carries a streamlined warmth throughout the office. On its way, it serves as the backdrop for site-specific installations: a collection of found gloves symbolizing that OXO’s tools are made for all hands, a logo made of hundreds of screws, and a giant pegboard with shelves for displaying iconic products.

    Taking a cue from OXO’s tradition of finding unexpected ways to make everyday experiences better, we helped reimagine the company’s workflow, with an eye to the need for transporting and storing samples and prototypes. Custom furniture, designed in conjunction with MASH Studios, incorporates adjustable desks and a mobile cart for the ultimate flexibility of each OXOnian. The space is filled with varied and modifiable venues for collaboration: meeting rooms of multiple sizes, moveable partitions to temporarily divide space, and a “water tower” that splits into meeting pods. The space boasts of three kitchens designed for everything from casual lunches, work sessions, town halls, parties, photography, and product testing just to name a few.

    Design: Ampersand Architecture
    Photography: Garrett Rowland