Riseup Offices – Tel Aviv

  • Client Riseup,
  • size 7,685 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Industry Financial / Investments, Technology,
  • Switchup designed an office space for Riseup that would give employees ample space for work and comfort in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Riseup is a financial technology company that aims to manage your cash flow while also teaching you vital lessons about financial health and smart financial decisions. Their mission is to translate the difficult world of finance and provide you with actionable steps in a digestible way that help you take control of your financial health. As Riseup is a company focused on reaching younger audiences with their financial literacy message, Switchup designed an office space that feels on-message for the company: modern, sleek, and colorful.

    Riseup’s kitchen and large informal meeting space is an introduction to the bright yellows and blues and bold geometric shapes that will comprise the design elements throughout the office. This space is doubly functional and fashionable. Booths, stools, lounges, bar seating, and traditional tables and chairs mean that no one will be without seating options come lunchtime. Bright yellow fills the space, yet its complement of natural wood tones and muted blue makes it not so overwhelming to the viewer.

    Riseup’s modern office space offers everything an office in 2022 should need: collaborative work tables, private meeting pods, and spaces for solo work, too. Colorful geometric decals break up the bright colored solid walls and give the space a boost of chicness to liven up an otherwise simple work area.

    No space in the Riseup office goes unused, which makes this design an efficient one. Pocket meeting spaces like this small meeting room for two mean that there’s no empty or vacuous space in the office, creating a more cozy and close-knit feeling throughout the area.

    At Riseup, form and function go hand in hand, and both respond equally to the needs and mission of the company. Personal finance can be—by name—personal, so this office features plenty of spaces to meet one-on-one or in small groups to discuss the projects of the moment. Each small meeting pod follows the colorful trend of the office and creates an easy way to tell them apart—a big plus for scheduling time.

    Design: Switchup
    Photography: Peled Studio