Offices – Porto

  • Client,
  • size 4,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Porto, Portugal,
  • Industry Technology,
  • AIS found a balance between functional and playful when designing the offices in Porto, Portugal.

    Due to growth in the region, the team were looking to make the move from a serviced office space into a workplace of their own. Driven by a desire to create a modern and exciting workspace that would become a hive of activity. Encouraging staff to come together and unite post pandemic. Our design skill allied with our international reach and ability to consistently deliver work regardless of location led to AIS being appointed the design and build of their new workspace.

    The team were excited by the opportunity of more space and having a place they could call their own. So we got to work helping to guide the team through creating their design brief. After long months of the pandemic, we wanted to create a feeling of being at home. Designing an office space that is inviting, fun and where people can finally spend time together and socialise.

    The design and finishes were guided by their brief which incorporated a variety of natural and durable materials like concrete, timber, metal, and glass. We also included biophilia and greenery throughout, this keeps the space bright, vibrant and compliments the natural materials.

    The activity based working model allowed for a wide variety of working spaces to be incorporated within the design. This included meeting rooms, solo and duo working pods, banks of desks, telephone booths, bleacher-style seating and casual seating for meetings. Meaning there was space ready to use for a range of activities, making full use of the space and boosting productivity.

    The inclusion of a wellness room means there is a secluded space to be used by the team when needed. Whether it’s a space to take a break, make a phone call or just have some quiet time. Fit with comfortable arm chair and small tea point, a space to be able to escape the working area can be beneficial to mental wellbeing.

    The new workplace is built on the foundation of community, a spirit of collaboration and supporting one another. Therefore, we decided to create a communal area at the entrance of the space. The communal tea point and breakfast bar acts as a vibrant centre point within the office. This encourages the team members to engage with one another. Creating a place to come together to socialise, have lunch or have a casual meeting.

    With tiered bleacher-style seating, the space can easily transform to an area for events. The space allows connection with their offices around the world and can be used for company-wide presentations.

    The monochromatic colour palette created a sleek and minimalistic design. Whilst the local street art and biophilia ensure the space remains vibrant to create an uplifting feel to the space.

    The floor to ceiling windows spanning across the entire space allow for an abundance of natural light to pour in. Brightening the space and creating an open feeling throughout on sunny Porto days.

    As the pandemic hit, several items were impacted by supply chain issues. However, through close communication with the client and rigorous management of our supply chain we were able to keep all stake holders informed and collaborate to mitigate the impact.

    After 10 weeks on site, we completed the people-centric workplace for Now their new energetic working hub for the team to enjoy.

    Design: AIS
    Photography: Tom Fallon