Okamura Offices and Showroom – Hanoi

  • Client Okamura,
  • size 1,507 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • DPLUS VIETNAM was tasked with delivering a part showroom, part office for Okamura in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Okamura Showroom – Hanoi
    DPLUS designed a workspace that combines an office and a showroom to display products.

    Okamura is an enterprise from Japan, specializing in providing high-class office furniture, designed and manufactured based on ergonomics. The main goal of the project was to create a space that is minimal, elegant and modern.

    Concept & Design Style
    The design concept of “the elegant curve” is inspired by Okamura’s products, with the focus being on office chairs. Soft curves create a gentle and sophisticated movement for the space.
    The minimalist design style was chosen to create a versatile, modern and elegant space. Eliminate unnecessary things, every detail and color of the space is designed to highlight the product and create comfort for the user.

    Since this is a space that integrates the functions of the office and showroom, it should be divided into two main spaces:

    Product display space: this is the main space, occupying most of the area. The showroom is designed to be completely open, the display points are divided relatively by the use of visual effects.

    Other spaces: including working space, meeting room and storage space are arranged in parallel on both sides of the showroom. The purpose of this layout is to attract and focus attention on the exhibition space.

    We want the space to be designed to highlight the product and provide a good experience for Okamura’s customers.

    Photography: Abluebird