Redseer Strategy Consultants Offices – Bangalore

  • Client Redseer Strategy Consultants,
  • size 23,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • iWPS Global completed the Redseer Strategy Consultants offices with bright colors, creative patterns, and playful spaces in Bangalore, India.

    At iWPS Global, we focus on designing and building a high-performance workplace for the new-age digital corporations worldwide. Most of our clients are newcomers, who were previously co-working and managing offices that were furnished by developers. These corporations lacked a dedicated team of Project Managers or Facility Managers, therefore we interacted primarily with the founders of these companies.

    The project brief was to design a biophilic office that fosters creativity through maximum sunlight and green spaces. Our idea was to integrate nature into the workspace to increase productivity and communal wellbeing. Firstly, to minimize heat loss and enhance acoustics, we replaced the main wall on the façade of the building with double glazing glass walls.

    To create a dynamic workplace full of youthful enthusiasm, vibrant colors were incorporated into the design. We added colorful furniture with bold hues of oranges, pinks, and yellows which gave a playful vibe to the workspace. The multi-colored theme was meant to create an informal setting where one could cycle to work and work out in the neighboring gym without missing out on all the action on the work front. Neon lights were installed on the ceilings and walls to complement the highly energetic workspace setup. The pergola space with ample greenery and sitting area creates an eco-friendly connection between the workstation zones. In addition to that, there are balconies to provide relaxation within nature.

    We also took the utmost precaution to maintain a perfect acoustic level for noise cancellation. Air quality levels were kept optimum with a proper HVAC system and plenty of indoor plants. The office is equipped with ergonomic furniture that provides employees with maximum comfort and boosts productivity.

    Design: iWPS Global
    Photography: Natarajan Chidambareswaran