AfterShip Offices – Shenzhen

  • Client AfterShip,
  • size 68,049 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Industry Technology, Transportation,
  • Joe Ho Associates found a relaxed sophistication in their design for the AfterShip offices in Shenzhen, China.

    As a technology company, AfterShip has their unique corporate culture. In this project, we challenge not only the interior planning and design, but also the development planning project of a planet. We have created a seminar with senior managers and their employees to participate in the activities of building, cultivating, sowing and breeding civilization on the planet.

    This is an extraordinary space journey. People celebrate the surprise moment of exploration and change through a variety of unique internal landscapes. By taking different paths, we can get enlightenment to find the surprise of looking for space. Highlight humanized space design through immersive encounter. Imagine that people can interact, connect and collide in this open environment, and provide moments of gathering and communication in a simple and unique environment.

    Design: Joe Ho Associates
    Design Partner: sirendesign
    Design Team: Gabby Farnan, Joe Ho, Marie Talj, Nico Tan, Nicole Pollak, Ria Andres, Yannic Lyu
    Photography: Cossa Pan