Accent Decor Offices – Chamblee

A space designed to help employees flourish, Accent Decor's new Chamblee office is a vessel for work activities that also celebrates beauty, authenticity, and the creative process.

  • Client Accent Decor,
  • size 22,640 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Chamblee, Georgia, United States,
  • Industry Design,
  • Gensler created a comfortable and modern space for the Accent Decor offices in Chamblee, Georgia.

    The simplest type of household item: a vessel. This is the heart of Accent Decor’s business and this project.

    Just as the right vessel helps a plant flourish, the right space helps people do the same. Each room in the Accent Decor (AD) studio is the perfect vessel for work activities that also celebrates beauty, authenticity, and the creative process.

    Accent Decor works every day to embody their core values: Do the right thing, Pursue originality, Embrace & drive change, Respect every Person, Give generously, Build community through empathy, Infuse passion in all we do. Bringing their employees together in a space that drives these values forward was important to AD from the start.

    Designed with everyone in mind – we created a space for those with different work styles, from different backgrounds, celebrating choice and freedom of each team member to build an environment that works for them.

    A simple, warm and inviting environment was created through materiality, texture, and natural light. Ideation spaces were intentionally brought to the front, made visible from street level and lobby to showcase the craft and thought that goes into every single piece Accent Decor produces. Tackable and writeable walls line the areas where teams come together, ready for when creativity flows. And, of course, live plants become an intrinsic part of the experience – framing views, hanging overhead, perched on shelves. An ever-present reminder of their core business.

    A gallery-like product showroom and photography studio are housed in a large portion of the space and allow for a seamless workflow. The rooms are designed as a blank white canvas with skylights for natural lighting and color rendition. Visual merchandising and displays shift and change as each season passes. Here, customers are brought in for an immersive experience; understanding materiality, color quality and pairings for each vessel they look to purchase.

    From inspirational spark to the launch of a final product line – Accent Decor’s new studio houses the right collection of spaces that support teams to do their best work.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Devon Banks