Jacobsen Construction Company Offices – Salt Lake City

  • Client Jacobsen Construction Company,
  • size 63,000 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Salt Lake City, Utah, United States,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Struck designed a hybrid workspace that exudes the history, craftsmanship and sustainability of Jacobsen Construction Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    As Jacobsen Construction Company, Inc. approached its centennial, the firm partnered with experience design agency Struck to reinvigorate its brand identity and headquarters office space in a way that honors the company’s legacy and sets the stage for a bright future. To create a cohesive brand experience for employees and visitors, Struck collaborated with Jacobsen to incorporate key storytelling themes of history, craftsmanship and sustainability into the large and small design features of the new workplace.

    Upon entering the three-story, 63,000 sq. ft. office building, visitors are met in the main lobby by three sculptural pieces that embody Jacobsen’s history. The “Origins Bench” is an eight-foot blonde wood seating area designed in Nordic style as an ode to founder Soren Jacobsen’s Danish origins. Draped above the bench is an arresting art piece laden with influential quotes from past and present company leaders. The “Origins Sculpture” was crafted using recycled materials from Jacobsen’s warehouse and pays homage to the company’s commitment to progress and sustainability. The main staircase landing features the “One Team” medallion sculpture, which represents the company’s technical skill and unity as its work brings people together to create something beautiful and complex.

    Art and photo galleries are placed as celebrations of sustainability and labor, respectively, throughout the building’s amenities, which include a café, gym, yoga studio and meditation spaces, plus informal collaboration living rooms designed with teamwork top of mind. Storytelling elements are also woven into the office’s details, down to the wallpaper choices, privacy glass patterns, and digital screen displays.

    The multi-dimensional “Skyline” sculpture in the office café is another piece created from reclaimed wood found in the company’s materials yard. The sculpture glorifies the company’s role in shaping skylines and building communities across Utah and beyond. The 26-foot-long “At Work” canvas mural located in a highly trafficked hallway aims to capture the energy, work ethic, and team spirit that have made Jacobsen successful over 10 decades. The intricate Domes and Arches sculpture on display in one of the main conference rooms represents the beauty, permanence, and importance of the company’s work.

    Two prominent photo galleries pay tribute to the people who are at the heart of Jacobsen’s work: the firm’s employees and the community members they serve. The “Hard Work” photo gallery recognizes individual contributions through beautifully detailed shots of the hands that play such a critical role in all of Jacobsen’s projects. The “Built For Life” gallery serves as a powerful reminder that Jacobsen’s buildings play a major role in the daily lives of many people.

    This state-of-the-art office space has proven to be a major source of pride for the construction company and stands as one of the most important places Jacobsen has built during its 100 years in business.

    Design: Struck
    Photography: courtesy of Jacobsen Construction Company