TVOI Offices – Ahmedabad

  • Client TVOI,
  • size 4,100 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Ahmedabad, India,
  • Industry Film / Media / Publishing,
  • Saransh used RGB color format and blocking to realize an impactful design for TVOI’s offices in Ahmedabad, India.

    TVOI Office is a spatial experiment in colour. It is inspired by the RGB colour format, where spaces are colour blocked using these tints, combined with selected bursts of fresh white to cut through the saturated tones.

    The resultant impact of this use of colour is experienced while walking through the office, moving from one visual world to another, traveling through different experiences in the same space. The surprise and visual relief from the monotony of one colour is felt upon finding an opening, glancing into an adjacent space, dipped in a different colour.

    TVOI Office is the primary workspace of a newly established digital news and media platform in Ahmedabad. The client’s brief suggested the building of a space fit for a team of young and upcoming media enthusiasts, with a unique experiential value that inspires undaunted thought and promotes transparency.

    The green in the reception area bleeds into the passage, becoming the first colour one steps into. The passage detailed with a tiled seating and planter element acts as the portal between the red and blue zones. The blue area is filled with modular workstations customized in shades of blue, looking into the white pantry through the storage unit on one end and into one of the closed offices on another. The red area with a similar configuration, also has an open studio designed for video recordings. The conference room furniture is finished with saturated tones of red and looks into the founder’s office through a square puncture. The founder’s office finished in white, in turn looks out onto an array of red workstations in the soft red space.

    The interior elements attempt to inspire interaction and discussion among the office members. The storage and partition elements are treated with a grid made of metal and fabric panels inviting posters and notes to be put up, to add to conversation and personalisation of workstations around. Among the storage units, negative pockets are formed which can act as a temporary seat for one to occupy and create a small group of discussion merely with the pulling of a few chairs around it.

    Design: Saransh
    Design Team: Kaveesha Shah, Urvashi Gupta, Pooja Shah
    Photography: Ishita Sitwala | The Fishy Project